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" Your Heart is an eternal Diamond in the Universe." Ema Bhel

Ema Bhel's 7 DIAMOND BRACELETS (BHAKTA, ABHEDA, SHAYANAH, TSADDISH LOVE, PAVANA, EKA and UTTAMAH) are meditation supports corresponding to the personal mantras created by the artist's Soul & Heart. They symbolize a positive vibration that can be offered to the world in order to beautify it. More than a simple piece of jewelry, each model is unique and reflects our deep belief in our ability to give the Best of our Being. Thus, an Ema Bhel Diamond Bracelet can carry a whole personal and ancestral symbolism.

These original creations are unique models that stem from the artist's inspiration. No two Ema Bhel DIAMOND BRACELETS are alike. Composed of diamond-shaped gems (pronounced "J'Aime"), they correspond to the 7 main chakras and are a vector of visual and spiritual harmony.

Used in Lithotherapy and Feng-Shui, because of their therapeutic virtues, gems offer above all a powerful concentrate of energy, both aesthetic and hypnotic, which acts as a true balm for the Heart & Soul.

To be worn without moderation to raise the Positive Vibrations for oneself and beyond...

Vibration of the DIAMOND BRACELET BHAKTA (brown, black, red): Harmony (1st chakra).

Vibration of the DIAMOND BRACELET ABHEDA (orange): Joy (2nd chakra).

Vibration of the BRACELET DIAMOND SHAYANAH (yellow/brown): Light (3rd chakra).

Vibration of the BRACELET DIAMOND TSADDISH LOVE (pink/green): Love (4th chakra).

Vibration of the DIAMOND BRACELET PAVANA (light blue): Peace (5th chakra).

Vibration of the BRACELET DIAMOND EKA(indigo blue): Unity (6th chakra).

Vibration of the DIAMOND BRACELET UTTAMAH (purple, white, gold): Beauty (7th chakra).


Symbolism of the Diamond : Life, the Passage, the Exchange between Heaven & Earth. Purity, Light, Harmony, Love, Protection. It represents the Soul that shines. The Diamond Way (VajraYana in Sanskrit) is a form of Indian Buddhism aiming to reach the highest perfection of the mind. Named the "Queen of Gems" and considered the tear of God, the diamond symbolizes perfection, untouched purity, the Sun and life. According to Plato, the axis of the world is made of diamonds.

Actual size of the DIAMOND BRACELET elastic Ema Bhel: 18 cm x 2 cm


WATER : the water of Easter, a tap water, must be collected before sunrise, the day of the Resurrection of the Christ. We say that this running water, picked according to the former rites, possesses the power to cure the cutaneous diseases and to relieve number of troubles.

ASHES: the ash is the substance of the " incorruptible body " or " diadem of the heart ", the " paradoxical simplicity of the self-knowledge ".

To be reborn from ashes, such as the phoenix, implies that the spark of life is always present in the ash. It is thus indestructible and allows the regeneration. The fire hidden under the ashes is incorruptible.The Indian ascetics cover their body of wet ash representing the food of the god of Fire.

The ash is associated with the yang principle, the sun, gold and the fire, as well as drought. In certain rites, the ash is used to obtain the rain. The fire symbolizes the Spirit, the male principle whereas the water symbolizes the Soul, the feminine principle.

FIRE: the fire which smolders under the ash is hidden and alludes to the invisible life which is sacred.

The fire represents the purification by the understanding, until its most spiritual form, by the light and the truth. The water symbolizes the purification of the desire leading to its most sublime form: kindness . The fire is purificatory and regenerative. Symbolically, the purificatory fire allows a passage in eternity. The Taoists enter fire (without burning) to release themselves from the human packaging." The man is fire ", says saint Martin: his law like all fires is to dissolve (the envelope) and to unite with the source from which he is separated. The Buddhism indicates a more internal design: I instigate a flame in me, my heart is the hearth, the flame is the true self being tamed.

Ne pas remettre à demain...Not leave for tomorrow...

Not leave for tomorrow what can be done today because :

'To show the example is not the best way of convincing, it is the only one'. GANDHI

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff was one of the most influential spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. In his youth years, he took part in expeditions in Eastern countries searching ancient teachings. And it's this knowledge and this experience of self-control or internal development acquired there he transcribed in a language accessible to Western people. He called this discipline 'The fourth way' as it differs from the three traditional ways of the Fakir, the monk, and the Yogi.

The purpose of the fourth way is therefore to break free from the power of our automation and our unconsciousness and to raise the consciousness.

Gurdjieff movements or sacred dances are much more that a simple dance technique, it is a real way back to oneself, through a meeting between immobility and dance. They are very useful to learn to focus and to integrate meditation into daily life.

'One of the best ways to raise inner work in oneself is to understand that you can die at any time.' G.I.Gurdjieff

Gayatri Mantra : la prière ancestrale / the ancestral prayer